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How it Began

I have had the incredible privilege to work with PEACE since 2011.  We've made lunches, fundraised for fans, painted buildings and created a small library. In Summer 2017, I wanted to spend more time with the PEACE Community and volunteered to assist during the entire two weeks of the summer program.  Everyday, I showed up eager to help in art class and around the camp as needed.  In the process, I fell in love with the kids and I learned so much about myself and about the power of community building.  I can honestly say that I gained more from the kids than I gave. In summer of 2018 I wanted to share that experience with other high school students so we piloted the first TEEN Mexico Cultural xChange Program.  I hope that we can make ourselves, and the world a little better by connecting with people around the globe. 

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TEEN Mexico Cultural xChange

Founder & Coordinator

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